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 Excercies 21 : Page 97-98 

1.       Henry talks to his dog as if it understood him.
2.       If they had left the house earlier, they wouldn’t have been so late getting to the airport that they could not check their baggage.
3.       If I finish the dress before Saturday , I will give it to my sister for her birthday.
4.       If I had seen the movie, I Would Had tell you about it last night.
5.       Had bob not interfered in his sister’s marital problems , there Would Have been peace between them.
6.       He would give you the money if he had it.
7.       I wish they stopped making so much noise so that I could concentrate.
8.       Sho would call you immediately if she needed help
9.       Had they arrived at the sale early, they have find a better selection.
10.   We hope that you enjoyed the party last night.
11.   If you have enough time, please paint the chair before you leave.
12.   We could go for a drive if today were Saturday.
13.   If she wins the prize, it will be because she can write very well.
14.   Mike whised that the editors
15.   Joel whises that he can spend his vacation on the gulf coast next year.
16.   I will accept if they invite me to the party.
17.   If your mother have buy that car for you, will you be happy?
18.   If he had decided earlier, he could have left on the afternoon flight.
19.   Had we known your address, we  would have written you a letter.
20.   If the roofer doesn’t come soon, the rain will leak inside.
21.   Because rose did so poorly on the exam, she whises that she studied harder last night.
22.   My dog always wakes me up if he hears strange noise.
23.   If you see mary today, please ask her to call me.
24.   If he gets the raise, it will be because he does a good job.
25.   The teacher will not accept aour work if we turn it in late.
26.   Mrs. Wood always talks to her tetnh-grade student as thought they were adults.
27.   If he had left already, he would have called us.
28.   If they had known him, they would have talked to him.
29.   He would understand it if you had explained it to him more slowly.
30.   I could understand the france teacher if she was speak  more slowly.

Exercise 26 Hal 107

1.       Rita plays the violin well.
2.       That is an intense novel.
3.       The sun is shinning brightly.
4.       The girls speak fluent french.
5.       The boys speak spanish fluently.
6.       The table has a smooth surface.
7.       We must figure our income tax returns accurately.
8.       We don’t like to drink bitter tea.
9.       The plane will arrieve soon.
10.   He had an accident because he was driving so fast.

 Exercies 27 hal 109

1.       Your cold sounds Terrible
2.       The pianist plays very well.
3.       The food in the restaurant always tasted good.
4.        The campers remained calmly despite the thunderstorm.

5.        They became sick after eating the contaminated food.

6.       Professor Calandra looked quick at the students sketches.

7.       Paco was working diligently on the project.

8.       Paul protested vehemently about the new proposals.

9.       Our neighbour appeared relaxed after their vacation.

10.   The music sounded too noisy to be classical.

 Excercies 28 Hal 114

1.       As soon
2.       More important
3.       As well.
4.       More expensive.
5.       As hot.
6.       More talented.
7.       More colourfull.
8.       Happier.
9.       Worse.
10.     Faster.

Exercies 29 hal 114.

1.    The Empire State Building is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

2.    California is farther from New York than Pennsylvania.

3.    His assignment is different from mine.

4.    Louie reads more quickly than his sisters.

5.    No animal is so big as King Kong.

6.    Than report is less impressive than the qovernment's.

7.    Sam wears the same shirt as his teammates.
8.    Dave paints much more realistically than his professor.

9.    The twins have less money at the end of the month than they have at the beginning.

10. Her sports car is different from Nancy's. 

Exercise 30 Hal. 117

1.    Best.

2.    Happiest.

3.    Faster.

4.    Creamiest.

5.    More colorful.

6.    Better.

7.    Good.

8.    More awkwardly.

9.    Least.

10. Prettier.

11. The best.

12. From.

13. Less impressive.

14. The sicker.

15. Than.

16. Twice as much as.

17. Few.

18. Much.

19. Farthest.

20. More famous. 

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