Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tugas Sofstkiil Materi Bulan Keempat

Exercise 37 1. Which 2. Which 3. Whom 4. Whom 5. That 6. Whoam 7. Whose 8. Who 9. That 10. That 11. Whose 12. Which 13. Who 14. That 15. Whose Exercise 38 1. George is the man. George was chosen to represent the committee at the convention 2. All the money (the money was accepted)hasalready been released 3. The papers ( the papers are on the table) belong to Patrica 4. The man was brought to the police station confessed to the crime 5. The girl is drinking coffe. Marry Allen is the girl 6. John’s wife,a professor, has written several papers on this subject 7. The man is talking to the policeman. The man is my uncle 8. The book (the book is on top shelf) is the one thatI need 9. The number of students (The number of students have been counted) is quite high 10. Leo evans, a doctor, cats in this restaurant every day Articel (adjective Clause) Adjective clause atau relative clause adalahdependent clause yang berfungsi sebagai adjectivedan menjelaskan tentang noun atau pronoun padamain clause dari suatu complex sentence(kalimat yang terdiri dari independent clause dan satu atau lebih dependent clause). Posisi adjective clause selalu mengikuti noun atau pronoun yang diterangkannya. Di dalam kalimat,noun atau pronoun itu berfungsi sebagai subject atau object. Adjective clause dimulai dengan suatu kata yang disebut relative pronoun (who, whom, that, which, whose, etc) yang berfungsi menjembatani hubungan dengan noun atau pronoun yang diterangkannya. Contoh Adjective Clause pada Complex Sentence: Simple Sentence Complex Sentence Keterangan The book is interesting. The bookthat he has read is interesting. The book: noun (phrase), that: relative pronoun, that he has read: adjective clause yang menjelaskan the book. Merupakan klausa karena terdiri darisubject (he) dan verb (has read) dan merupakan adjective clause karena menjelaskan noun. Rumus Adjective Clause Sentence: Independent Clause + Adjective Clause Adjective Clause: Relative Pronoun +/- S*+V Keterangan: *Relative pronoun (who, which, that) dapat berfungsi sebagai subject jika tidak adasubject.

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